Car Number Plate

A common obstacle is reading a number plate from 20m away

I realise more than ever that it is almost certain I will not be able to drive. I believe that one of the criteria is that you have to be capable of reading a car number plate 20.5 metres away – I can barely manage to read one 10 metres away! I also have great difficulty in reading road signs when in a moving vehicle. There is a point where I can read the signs, but it is only from about two metres, I’d have to park underneath it! Even if I did manage to pass a driving test I do not believe I would be comfortable driving in these circumstances.

For more information about your eyesight related to driving visit the Driving Eyesight Requirements page on the DirectGov website (only applies to UK drivers).

Because I will almost certainly not drive I have to think about what sort of job I would look for, and the location of it. Obviously, one easily accessible by public transport would be ideal. However if you are registered as partially blind you will receive free or reduced bus and train fares, which would be a benefit.