Riding a bike

I think that my dad must have thought that I was just lazy because I hardly ever rode my first bike, when any other child would have been in trouble for not stopping! My parents spent hours trying to teach me to ride a bike, but it took me a long, long time. I still had stabilisers on at a late stage too because my balance was not very good. Eventually I managed without them but I still found it difficult. One of the troubles that I had was that I could not ride in a straight line very well. This was due to the fact that as my eyes moved from left to right continuously, the curb appeared to move in the same way. I always used to try and ride close to the curb and in a straight line, but it was very difficult for me. My parents would not let me go far, and were concerned even when they rode out with me. There was a stage when we sold my bike because of this problem, however we later got another one because I wanted to try again. This time I did not rely as much on the curb but instead I just guessed, and amazingly it seems to have worked a treat. I still have a bike now and I haven’t fallen off or lost my balance for ages. However, I am told that I ride out into the middle of the road to pass parked cars. This is because they move, with my eye movement, as I approach them.