It is almost impossible to share a book or worksheet with another pupil because it will most probably not be in a place where we both can see it, especially for the pupil that suffers from Nystagmus. There shouldn’t be too much trouble as long as the pupil can have access to a book or sheet for themselves, and of course the teacher understands.

I find it difficult to work on a computer with another pupil, because I need to sit close to the screen in order to read the text there and to operate it. Lots of people comment on how close I position myself to the monitor.

In a similar way at home I need to sit close to the television in order to see it clearly. My parents were told that they should let me sit close when I was still at an early age. I have a special chair in our lounge positioned close and to the side of the television, but not obscuring the screen from other viewers. I also now have a television in my bedroom for convenience.