Physical Education

I find various elements of PE difficult as a result of Nystagmus. These are mostly activities that involve a ball. When a ball is coming towards me it appears to move from side to side and as it gets closer it does not seem to move as far from side to side. So I attempt to judge the centre of it’s path when I play any ball game where I have to hit the ball. This procedure works well for me as I seem to be able to gauge the centre of the balls path quite well. I say quite well, but I still find I am seriously disadvantaged in most sports.

I don’t just find ball games hard but also athletics, such as running; I often find it difficult to stay within my lane because the lines of the lane appear to be moving.

I also find it very challenging climbing apparatus because when I take a foot or hand off a bar, the bar I go to put it on is moving, so I have to guess where it actually is. When this does happen it can become scary and make me even more nervous causing my eyes to move even faster.

My balance also seems to be affected as I find it immensely hard to walk along a beam without falling off.


Somehow, I manage to return a small black squash ball

I have played squash at school during most of my PE lessons and have enjoyed it when playing with my colleagues who understand my circumstances. Although I enjoy it, I am still not very good at it. I think I enjoy it more than most other sports because I do not have to play with many others, who do not understand why I find it difficult to participate in games.