At school I was called names by many people until they either got tired of me not responding or until they understood Nystagmus. One of the most common phrases I heard was ‘wibbly-wobbly eyes’. I just ignored them and eventually they went away. Lots of people also called me ‘four eyes’ but that is just as common as muck and most people that wore glasses were called this. Even now the occasional person calls me ‘four eyes’ but most of the people at school seem to have more sense now. As I told more and more people about my eye condition I gained supporters who would stick up for me if anyone else started to call me names. Therefore the names just gradually faded out. For example at middle school I had terrible trouble with people calling me names, and there was one person who supported me through this period (Lee). He even lost friends because of it. So thanks Lee. There is always an end, and I have never experienced a bad ending. If people call you names, just ignore them and do not try to be friends with them; it won’t work. You will always find someone to be your friend!