Blackboards, whiteboards & OHPs

At school the most frequent difficulties arise when copying information and diagrams from black boards, white boards and from over head projectors. Therefore it is of utmost importance that the teacher allows the pupil to sit at the front of the class, as this will help him or her to see what is on the board and increase their chances of copying correctly.

Chalk for a blackboard

Some colours of chalk can be difficult to see

If at all possible it helps if the pupil can be supplied with a hard copy of what they must copy so that they can place it appropriately to maximise their vision of it. If this cannot be done the teacher should write BIG, BOLD and CLEARLY on the board as it can be hard to decipher joined up writing that is small. People with Nystagmus often find it difficult to see various colours and it often varies person to person. I find that pale colours are difficult for me to see, especially when the contrast with the background is poor. However this does not apply to all colours (black and blue are easily seen by myself), so use these colours if at all possible.

It may sometimes be necessary for the teacher to read out what they have written, so it is a good idea to read out what you are writing anyway. In my opinion, the teacher should ask the pupil if they are having any troubles, because they may not want to tell them!