West Brom’s Reid, does it again

West Brom’s Steven Reid raises money for nystagmus again! Great to have some high profile interest in nystagmus!

NN press release – 28th February 2012:

Not only did his team win on Saturday but West Brom fan Mark Hayward topped the weekend off by winning the framed shirt worn by Steven Reid in the Baggies victory at Wolves.

Steven Reid Raffles Match Shirt for Nystagmus

Steven Reid Raffles Match Shirt for Nystagmus

Steven Reid donated his shirt to raise money for the charity Nystagmus Network, a charity which supports people with the complex eye condition nystagmus, because his young son Harry is affected by the condition and he is hoping to give children like him a brighter future.

Previously Danny Ray from Surrey was the highest bidder for one of Steven’s Millwall shirts through an auction on Twitter. Since opening an account at http://Justgiving.com/Steven-Reid12/ family, friends and supporters have donated over £4,500 for Nystagmus Network.

Richard Wilson, chairman, Nystagmus Network, said:

“Congratulations to Mark and Danny, we can’t thank Steven enough for his support. We are a small charity and every penny counts and will be put to use for the 1 in 1,000 people with nystagmus.”

Nystagmus Network encourages research into and raises awareness of nystagmus (which is characterised by involuntary movement of the eyes). Earlier this year the charity gave a grant of £8,000 to a research project at the University of Leicester. We also have a range of resources for schools and hospitals to help parents and their children understand what it is like to have nystagmus.

For more information about nystagmus and the Nystagmus Network contact; John Sanders, Information and development manager, tel: 029 2045 4242 or 0845 634 2630, email: john.sanders@nystagmusnet.org web: http://www.nystagmusnet.org/

A note from James:

The Nystagmus Network is reliant upon fundraising and donations. I’ve seen first hand, the massive difference it can make. Research is expensive. Fact. Providing training, support, facilitating research and raising awareness require time and effort, for which NN has volunteers and an employee. If you have time on your hands and can volunteer or if you fancy raising some money, check out their website to get involved!

About James

I was born in the UK and have congenital idiopathic nystagmus (had nystagmus since birth and the cause is unknown). I went to university, where I studied Mathematics and have since been working in the City of London, doing a job I absolutely love.
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