Researcher climbs for nystagmus

Viral raises funds for nystagmus

Viral raises funds for nystagmus

It’s not often that you find a researcher so passionate about their field that they volunteer to climb thousands of feet to raise money for the associated charity. Clearly, Viral Sheth is one of those rarities.

Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and is an impressive 5,895m above sea level. This is Viral’s challenge.

Viral is a member of the nystagmus research team at Leicester University. The team is well known throughout the world of nystagmus for it’s varying research into the eye condition and particularly renowned for it’s research into the use of drugs to alleviate the symptoms.

The University has been fortunate to be awarded a number of research grants from the Nystagmus Network and now they are doing their bit to help fund future research.

“On the 5th January 2012, I will be embarking on my journey. It won’t be easy as I won’t be able to shower for at least a week, I’ll be living off cold baked beans and tins of sweetcorn, I’ll have no access to the Internet so won’t be able to keep updated on Leicester City’s progress up the Premier League (!) and I anticipate my big ol’ clown feet to be coated in bruises and blisters!” – Viral

Research isn’t cheap; many research projects, including the drug trials that have been taking place at Leicester cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Perhaps Viral’s efforts will bring us one step closer to a viable treatment…


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I was born in the UK and have congenital idiopathic nystagmus (had nystagmus since birth and the cause is unknown). I went to university, where I studied Mathematics and have since been working in the City of London, doing a job I absolutely love.
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