About the website

At the age of 14, I decided that I wanted to build a website. At first, I did not know what I wanted it to be about – what I did know, was that I wanted to learn to build a website.

I was born with nystagmus and have had it all my life. My Mum suggested that this might be the subject of my website. Further investigation revealed a significant lack of freely available information about nystagmus. Yes, there was already limited information about the eye condition on the internet, however, it was sparse and was mostly written in scary clinical language. Most people would want to know the real perspective of what it’s like to have nystagmus and have it explained in simple layman’s terms – something that people can understand, even when distraught. This was exactly what I set out to create!

Sure enough, at the end of 2002, the first revision of my nystagmus website was ready. The content primarily consisted of my personal experiences (aged 14) and how I felt it affected me. The site included a limited amount of factual information.

In 2003, I purchased ad-free web hosting and a top level domain name – nystagmus.co.uk.

Throughout the history of the site, it’s been redesigned and revamped several times, gained publicity through a number of media outlets and seen the introduction of new features, including the forum, with thousands of posts.

Since the website’s inception, this site has stood strong despite a number of events and I have many people to thank for that, but three main groups come to mind. Firstly, my parents, for their continued support, Rob, my best mate from high school for his unstinting encouragement and finally, those who have kindly served as moderators of the forum, maintaining the friendly environment that exists.

Whatever happens, I will endeavour to keep this website, not only up and running, but also thriving!