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Is my haircut any good?

The majority of us tend to get our hair cut on a regular basis. We either visit a hairdresser or have one come to us. I tend to go to a hairdresser and when IĀ find one I like, I tend … Continue reading

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Supermarket sweep… not so easy for some

It’s likely that you have filled a basket at the supermarket at least once in your life. When you get to the till with that basket, do you have a rough idea of how much it should come to? If … Continue reading

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Nystagmus is no obstacle

For most people I know with nystagmus, it’s no hurdle too high to jump. One well known Filipino pop star is no exception. Allan Pineda Lindo, better known by his stage name ‘’ was born with nystagmus and has undoubtedly … Continue reading

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